Dear Sir/Madam,    

Thanks for your interest shown in Indian Fashion Academy Franchisee Program.

Kindly answer the following questions :


Personal Information :


Name :

Postal Address :

City :

State :

Country :

Telephone Number :

Email ID :

Refer From :


Infrastructure Details :


1) Is your premises in Residential or Commercial Area ?   Residential   Commercial

2) Is it owned by you ?    Yes     No

3) Sq. feet area of the premises you have :

4) Do you have any of the following items for the institute ? (if yes your investment will get reduced proportionately)

    a) Computer Hardware : Yes No          b) Furniture & Fixture : Yes No

5) You have an investment capacity of ?

6) Do you have IT background ? Yes No

7) Who will look after the Centre ? Myself Family Member Employed Manager

8) What is the approximate population of the locality within 3 kms radius where you intend to setup the centre ?

9) Number of Colleges, Schools, Computer Institutes, Parks / Gardens within 3 kms area ?

     Colleges      Schools      Computer Institutes      Parks / Gardens

10) Class of people residing within 3 kms radius where you intend to setup the centre ?

     Higher Class Higher Middle Class Lower Middle Level Lower Class


Occupation Details :

Service     Business       Profession (Specify)

If Service :

Private Ltd. Co.      Public Ltd. Co.

If Business :

Nature Of Business :                                             Year Est.:    

1) Company Constitution : Propriotory   Partnership     Private Ltd. Public Ltd.

2) Source of Finance For Franchisee :.

Self      Bank Loan      Others (Specify)

a. If Partners / Directors :

  Equity Holdings (%)

If more partners / Directors attach a separate sheet giving above details.


b. If Partners / Directors :

Bankers Name :                                             Type: SB CA CC


c. Financial Status :

Gross Annual Income / Turnover:      

Movable Assets :                                                                    Immovable Assets :    


3. Why are you interested in setting up a IFA centre ?


Thank you for spending your valuable time we will get back to you at the earliest.


For Indian Fashion Academy

Mr. Nitin Magar (Director)