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Celebrity Talk

Neeta Lulla

The attempt they have made is really good and they are more oriented towards what people Want which is more pret. The direction in which they have taken the students is very nice.

Neeta Lulla - Fashion Designer



Shyna N C

The Institute has lots of students coming from interior parts of India, so the background is very different. What is commendable here is that in this institute they are teaching the course in vernacular language also.

Shyna N C - Fashion Designer



Vikram Phadnis

I’m really impressed with the work of the student from this institute. They have created Very practical outfits.

Vikram Phadnis - Fashion Designer




Neeraj Shridhar

They have really done a good job. And specially looking at the concept, Fashion and Garment industry should reach the rural parts of India, which will create lots of Employment Opportunity for the people. IFA has taken the initiative by teaching a course in a Vernacular language.

Neeraj Shridhar - Singer (Bombay Vyking)


Samir Dharmadhikari

I have been a part of two fashion shows of this institute once as model and second as a anchor what i like about them is they are doing great and dedicated work for their students.

Samir Dharmadhikari - Actor



Shreyas Talpade

Hatts! off !! to Nitin sir, it’s very difficult to make a mark in the glamour industry, but he has created a solid platform for his students.

Shreyas Talpade - Actor



Milind Gunaji

I have done lot of product modelling, but this is first time i am walking on the ramp, thanks To IFA Students. Love u all.

Milind Gunaji - Actor



Nitin is the person who i always admire for his hard work and sincerity, my best wishes for the success of Indian Fashion academy.

Ujjwal Nikam - Government Counsel


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