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BSC in fashion designing-3 years

This course in Fashion Design trains professionals in the techniques for the development of designs and the making of garments, responding to varying needs in the fashion industry.  Starting with the techniques in design, the course will concentrate on the analysis of fabrics and clothing manufacturing, as well as aspects of production. The study of fashion trends will allow for the creation of a collection that responds to the needs of the target brand.

Bsc in Fashion Design offers an opportunity to take up a creative career in fashion and clothing. It holds great potential for employment opportunities in designer stores, luxury brands & apparel retail brands. In a globally competitive fashion environment, a fashion designer must possess significant, skills and professional attitude to give shape to creative ideas through technical interpretation. The course provides opportunities to students to gain live experience through industry interaction, internships and live projects to help students develop a perception of complete product development process right from concept to consumer career Options, this Bsc in Fashion Design enables student to work beyond boundaries of design horizons. The fashion industry offers a plethora of opportunities for talented people and the demand of designer wears has increased manifolds, giving this industry flourishing export business. Students can be self employed, can work with export houses, designer brands, and media houses etc.

Our university also makes students work on real life fashion projects through internships.

Campus: Sandip University, Nashik
Eligibility: 10+2 passed
Duration: 3 year
1 Year Fee: 72000/-


Course Structure


Course Structure First Year




  •  Introduction to Fashion Industry
  • Elements and Principles of Design
  •  Elements and Principles of Design
  • Fashion Art and Design I 
  • Communication Skills
  • Surface Ornamentation 
  •  Fundamentals of Textiles
  • Techniques 
  •  Sewing Techniques I
  • Sewing Techniques I& garment construction 
  •  Fashion Art and Design I
  •  Computer Application
  • portfolio development


Course Structure Second Year



  • Design Understanding and Overview
  • Fashion Art and Design II
  • Application of Textiles in Fashion
  • Draping Fundamentals
  • History of Fashion
  • Garment Construction I
  • Fashion Art and Design II
  • Pattern Making
  • Garment Construction I
  • Digital Design Studio
  • Pattern Making
  • Craft Project


Course Structure Third Year



  • Introduction to Fashion
  •  Fashion Art and Design
  • Marketing and Merchandising/Retail Promotion
  •  Advance Draping
  • Branding & Media Management
  •  Garment Construction
  • Fashion Forecasting
  •  Pattern Making
  • Fashion Art and Design
  •  Digital Design for Apparel Categories
  • Garment Construction
  •  Fashion Styling & Promotion
  • Pattern Making
  •  Textile Colouring and Finishing Fundamentals
  •  Design collection Portfolio development
  • Fashion show


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