Advance Diploma in Interior Designing


Space for residential and commercial places is shrinking due to rapid urbanization. This anomalous situation calls for professional help to make the living and working space more comfortable, beautiful and practical. Earlier, it was the task of an architect to do the entire exteriors along with the interiors of a house, office or any other functionally useful edifice. Now-a-days people have become more and more particular about the designs and the layout of the living or working area. This has led to an increasing requirement for professionals in interior designing.

As an interior designer, you will be trained to design exclusive furniture artefacts and fittings besides learning managerial skills. With the help of this course in interior designing, you will come out with a professional designing solution that is efficient, eye-catching and at the same time safe.

The basic job of an interior designer is to make optimal utilisation of available space. Further, you have to make the space more functional and in accordance with the taste and budget of the client. Besides visualising and conceptualising the designs for new structures, interior designers also plan the interiors of existing structures that are undergoing renovation or extension.
The popularity of interior designing as a discipline is not confined to urban cities but it has rapidly spread to small town and cities across the nation. This is largely because of the changing lifestyle of people and their want to customise their residence with the help of an expert who can understand their taste and preference.

Specialisation in a particular area of interior designing can be done depending on your choice. For example; you can excel in business design, residential design or landscape designing. You can further gain expertise for yourself in particular area of a building such as bedrooms, kitchens or baths.

There is enormous demand for qualified interior designers in India. So to be professionally qualified join Indian Fashion Academy With professional qualification comes the assurance of a good job. And with adequate experience, you can start your own interior decoration business.



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    Duration: 2 Year

    Type: Offline

    Course Structure

    Highlights of the Course

    • Basics of drafting
    • Basics of designing
    • Application of design in interior design
    • Elements of design
    • Principles of design
    • Market survey
    • Construction – introduction
    • Anthropometric – furniture
    • Glossary of furniture
    • Standard of furniture

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