Diploma in Interior Designing


Those people who are good at maintaining their spending according to a budget as well as people who have a good knowledge about various materials are people who should defiantly be looking at interior designing as a potential career path. Moreover, people who have an eye for detail and enjoys solving puzzles would be an ideal interior designer.

Interior designer is not new to us, as all our lives we have been organizing and designing the places around us. Interior designing is basically shaping the look of an area to create a pleasing aesthetic for the client.

There are many areas that the interior designer may want to specialize in such as residential (houses, flats, canal boats, and anywhere else used for domestic accommodation), workplaces (includes factories, offices, and any number of other settings), temporary exhibition designing (museums, galleries, and a wide range of other private and public settings), commercial (includes retail shops and shopping malls, warehouses, conference centers), leisure (cinemas, theatres, and gyms), hospitality (hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes, and nightclubs), education (schools and universities), healthcare (local health centers, hospitals, nursing and care homes, and private clinics).

A typical cycle of an interior designer involves many processes. Firstly, the interior designer meets with the clients and discusses the needs of the client, the budget and time available to complete the project. Initial ideas are presented to the clients as well as visiting the site area. After determining the client’s needs, the interior designer needs to research what he/she wants to do with that space. The interior decorator should consider building regulations, planning considerations etc. while researching.

We have designed specialized Interior designing courses for the students who wants enter this rewarding career



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    Duration: 1 Year

    Type: Offline

    Course Structure

    Highlights of the Course

    • Basics of drafting
    • Basics of designing
    • Application of design in interior design
    • Elements of design
    • Principles of design
    • Market survey
    • Construction – introduction
    • Anthropometric – furniture
    • Glossary of furniture
    • Standard of furniture

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