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Dear students/ Parents


 In the year 2001 we have established Indian fashion  Academy in Mumbai (India). With a track record of  more than 5000 students and the continuous efforts  in upgrading the teaching facilitities, Indian Fashion  Academy has become the leader in fashion design  education in Maharashtra. 


 By enrolling into any of our courses you have made a  decision that is likely to have a big positive impact on  your career in fashion technology. Your quest for  professional expertise & global success starts right  here. Once you are trained, you need not worry about  competition because you will be standing in a  distinguished category. You will be able to shape  yourself as a dynamic professional unfazed by  competition with the ability to strategize and create  your own space in an increasingly competitive fashion  world!


 The success of our students locally and abroad is a  sure gauge of the quality and standard of our  courses. we are confident that in making Indian  fashion academy of your choice.you will enjoy the  safe uninterrupted and creative environment we  offer.We feel a special commitment to each individual  and that individual’s goal. we emphasise on the  educational, professional and persnoal growth of each  student


 Our staff is one of the best in the industry that helps  in moulding our students career towards success. The  highly qualified staff brings with them great work  experience to ensure that the students are learning  real-life practices in fashion technology.


 The Fashion world is happy that IFA provide quality  education to leverage the skill standard of locals to  international standards.


 I once again welcome you to INDIAN FASHION  ACADEMY (IFA)




Nitin Magar - Director of Indian Fashion Academy



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