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  what is MKSPM & YCMOU



  About MKSPM

Maharshtra Kala Shikshan Prasarak Mandal (MKSPM) is a register public trust under section 18 of the Bombay Public Trust act,1950.at Sr. No. Maharashtra State, Mumbai 178/2005 G.B.B.S.D


:: MKSPM Mission ::

 To Create unity, brotherhood et. amongst the members and general public.

 To run the classes of Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Handicrafts,       Photography, Computer Designing.

 To Run the classes and give training and promotions for traditional Indian art.

 To give training in Fashion Designing and to organizing Fashion shows, study tours for educational purpose.

 To run, conduct, maintain and manage balwadi,school,arts college, and other educational institutions.

 To run the art college in rural area.

 To organizing short term training programme in various subjects in order to make students self employed.

 To introducing students of various Government schemes for promotion of self-employment.

 To perform religious,social and cultural activities.

 To do such other things which are incidental conductive to attainment of above objects.



  About YCMOU

Yashwant Rao Chavan Open University (YCMOU) came into being in July 1989 by an act promulgated by the Maharashtra State Legislature. It is the 5th Open University of India.

Situated in Nasik, it has jurisdiction over the whole of Maharashtra. YCMOU carries on its functions through 8 regional centers located in cities like Amaravati, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nanded, Nasik and Pune. It also has about 1400 study centers all over the state.


:: YCMOU Mission ::

 YCMOU's mission is to become a mass university to facilitate ‘education for all

 To attain this, YCMOU intends to use open and flexi-learning approaches, local language, and information & communication technology.

 To fulfill community’s academic aspirations, needs and pursuits in various streams of liberal, technical and professional education.



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