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 Fashion designing is associated with creating designs for menswear, womenwear, teen Fashion wear and extends to accessories like jewelry, sunglasses, luggage and footwear. creativity is crucial for fashion designing.


A fashion designer must have a strong aesthetic sense along with an eye for color and detail. A fashion designer can create highly stylized creations or work for a fashion design house that mass markets the fashion designer goods.


Most fashion designing employers seek a fashion designer who is knowledgeable in the area of textiles, fabrics, ornamentation as well the current fashion trends.


Many a high Fashion designer is self-employed and designs for exclusive clients. Other fashion-Designing professionals cater to fashion design stores.


There are thousands of exiting jobs in the fashion industry for people with the right training in fashion designing. Such as fashion co-ordinator, illustrator, fashion consultant cutting artist, sketching artist, fashion stylist, merchandiser etc.


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