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  • To draft the pattern of this bodice block start from the basic bodice block with a dart
  • Widen the shoulder dart by 1 cm at the neckline to have the bodice more fitted then draw some slash lines for the dart manipulation at under bust. On front panel.
  • In front, draft draws the neckline and the V opening, widen the shoulder dart by 1cm, draw the shoulder strap and under bust band.
  • Trace the front bodice separately and cut through all slash lines, eliminating the volume of all darts. Separate the pieces evenly to create the drape and mark all the pleats with notches  and arrow to have the sewing reference
  • On the back, draw neckline, widen the dart by 0.5 cm on each side, draw the shoulder strap and the underbust band.
  • Trace the pieces separately by closing the darts: on the front bodice, open it at the centre at the bust line and mark the new volume as a gathering; back bodice and front under bust bands are traced with the dart closed. Trace the shoulder strap in one piece to avoid the shoulder seam, then  bodice is done.


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